To create change & breakthroughs everywhere, and to

awaken the human spirit in everyone

Now Hiring in Kuala Lumpur and Globally.

Our purpose is to create change and breakthroughs everywhere, and to awaken the human spirit in everyone.

To live our purpose, we need a dedicated team who believes in what we do. We're looking for growth-oriented individuals who want a career that focuses not only on professional skills development, but also their personal development. 

If you're also a challenge seeker, who's isn't afraid of diving out of your comfort zone and wants a more fast-paced and result oriented environment, join us!

Our Team

Our Vision

To invest in 40 IPO-able businesses by the end of 2030

We provide result-driven business coaching and transformational events to our clients to grow their business so that they can further impact and help their own clients through their products or services.

Our next venture is to create an elite community that business owners and entrepreneurs can come to and support each other and take their businesses to the next level.

What Our Team Is Saying

"Vertex Mastery gave me an opportunity to see this whole new world of education that I didnt know about. They opened up my mind that theres so much that I can learn with endless possibilites."

- Arthur

"I was on completely different path before this. If I would to take on that path, I would have went on to a very stable path. But what made me stick on with Vertex Mastery would be the amount of growth that I had just in the past while I was with Vertex Mastery."

- Jake

"Vertex mastery does invest in its people. In the team, your team members will push you and will expect more from you than you expect from yourself. When I'm around in that environment, I feel that I'm being pushed to be the best version of myself."

- Edly

"In team Vertex, you have the freedom to give any kind of feedback, opinion and if you have an idea in your mind, your can share it with the team and that is the best thing I feel so far. In team Vertex, you'll feel appreciated as a family."

- Chandran

"1 month after I joined, David asked me to block my calendar for an international training that cost a lot. I was not even confirmed yet and they are investing a lot in me. Then they told me this, "Everyone who joined Vertex is a family and as much as you trust me, I trust more in you and that is why we invest in our people's growth". This is the one thing that is really hard to get somewhere else."

- Kacy

"Throughout the experience in working and engaging with team Vertex, I realized that we have a lot in common, there's alignment in the work ethic, value and beliefs specially the mindset that we do whatever it takes to accomplish the goal that we set"

- Rupert

"Working with Vertex Mastery has been a very great opportunity and I also love the way the invest in their staff and I'm one of the staff that is very lucky to be selected to join few webinars to get more knowledge and apply it to the company."

- Shyafiq

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