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Vertex Mastery's Best Teachers & Training, At Your Service

As a Vertex Mastery team member, you enjoy free and unlimited access to all our world-class training and courses from today’s best teachers. Choose from subjects like peak performance, health and wellness, modern spirituality, lifestyle design, and so much more.

And when you’re not studying a program, you can book a session with Vertex Mastery’s life coaches, and even attend talks and training sessions with our authors and teachers across the world. Now that’s learning on the job.

Be Surrounded By People Who Uplift You Everyday

You don’t meet average employees in Vertex Mastery. You meet rebels and dreamers launching game-changing movements, writing bestselling books, starting global tribes, and transforming their minds and bodies - all in an inclusive space that honors humanity’s beautiful diversity.

Something magical happens once you start bonding with these people: you find yourself leveling up too, in ways you may have never thought possible.

Want To Study A Book Or A Course? We’ll Get It For You

It should come as no surprise that everyone on the Vertex Mastery team is in love with professional growth. And we’d like to keep that love going.

So whether you’ve been eyeballing that brand new coding course everyone’s talking about, or the latest bestseller from your favorite personal marketer - just put in your request. If it’s a good fit, we’ll order it for you and your team.

Pleasant workplace

In VM, one of our core values is openness and honesty. We do not tolerate gossips!

Performance rewards and commissions system

In VM, we believe in rewarding those who perform. 

As our target milestones are achieved, the company believes in making the achievements of targets a win-win for both the company and the team. i.e. we share our profits with those who perform!

Strong Progression Opportunity

If you are a dedicated team player, we also commit to building a progression pathway for you so that your career is not stagnant so that growth continually ensues so long as you are able to perform and obtain results. Everybody stands a fair opportunity to progress in their career. 

Our Office is the world, It’s A Playground For Adults

You may have the option of working remotely, but you’ll find it hard to stay away for too long from our electrifying events. Our office is where our events goes, our work takes it places, and brings us to new countries and markets.

A Flexible, Progressive, No BS Work Culture

We believe the old idea of the rigid 9 - 5 job belongs in a museum. Vertex Mastery is committed to nurturing a progressive workspace that gives you the freedom to excel on your own terms.

That means, for instance, that remote working arrangements are allowed at times. You can exchange public holidays for annual leave. Or you can work from a beach, a forest, or an exotic foreign city, even in different timezones.

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